• The climate crisis and drought are a reality throughout the world, especially in regions with irregular rainfall like Catalonia. In fact, we are already in the emergency phase, where the Generalitat has implemented a Special Drought Plan (PES) which affects sectors such as hospitality, tourism, gyms and swimming pools, which use a lot of water for cleaning and washing. For this reason, at Arpe we propose switching to sustainable microfiber towels, which take up 70% less space and save up to 55% water when washing.

  • The Special Drought Plan (PES) establishes that uses that are not to supply the population (such as agricultural, livestock, industrial or recreational irrigation) must reduce their consumption by an established percentage. Thus, the PES also offers the possibility of making the reductions more flexible by presenting a Savings plan in the ACA, based on objective and quantifiable criteria.

    An innovative, efficient and quantified solution to significantly reduce water use is to change the current towels for Arpe towels, made with rPET post-consumer yarn: recycled, recyclable, light, compact and quick drying.

  • In collaboration with Inèdit and Leitat, at Arpe we analyzed the life cycle of our towels according to ISO 14040-44: 2006. And the results were revealing. Compared to a traditional cotton towel, our Arpe towel emits 76% less CO2 into the atmosphere during the production process. In addition, it consumes 58% less energy, 40% less soap, and, what interests us, 55% less water during washing.

    This is mainly due to its lightness and compactness. An Arpe towel takes up 70% less space than a cotton one. Thus, while a standard-size washing machine fits approximately 10 cotton towels, you could wash up to 38 Arpe towels. This reduces the number of washing cycles required, further reducing water and energy consumption.

  • In fact, the DiR gyms' successful case is a real example of this savings. The DiRs offer a towel to every person who enters the gym, washing thousands each day. Thus, in 2013 they decided to switch to Arpe microfiber towels and, since then, they haven't looked back.

    In a context of increasingly worrying drought, it is imperative that companies adopt responsible practices to guarantee a viable future for everyone (and for themselves). Thus, Arpe towels are a first solution to this big problem.

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