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Manufacturas Arpe

Soft Sleeves

Soft Sleeves

Soft and padded sleeves with the double function of cleaning and protecting. Thanks to its padded interior lining, it prevents possible scratches and protects delicate surfaces, such as glasses or watches. A very versatile item due to its printing quality and customization, since we can modify its shape and size to adapt to your specific product.

Tailor-made quotation from 250 units.

100% customized.


Post-consumer rPET opticlean fabric for digital printing, laminated and quilted. 70% polyester and 30% polyamide with 70% recycled microfiber yarn.

Printing Systems

Digital printing: full color and full surface.


Universal sleeve with elastic band - 7.5x18cm

NEW☆ Universal sleeve with snap button - 7,5x18cm

Basic sleeve - 8.5x17cm


Our padded cases are mostly customized for opticians museums and festivals as their most common use: storing and protecting glasses. Even so, we have found other uses for them in the sports and music sectors, adapting its measurements and properties according to brands' needs. For example, the Garmin watches.

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  • Universal Sleeve

    With elastic band - 7,5x18cm

  • Universal Sleeve

    With snap button - 7,5 x 18cm

  • Basic Sleeve


  • DIGITAL PRINTING: post-consumer rPET opticlean fabric, laminated and quilted

    The opticlean or white suede fabric is recycled.

  • Polybag and Stickers

Case Study

Made in Arpe for Garmin

Garmin and Manufacturas Arpe gave our padded soft sleeves for glasses a new use: protect their watches.

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  • Coca Cola / Pringles

    Microfiber cloths and glasses case

    Information product / Promotional gift

    Product description

    Two-sided digital printing inside / outside / 8.5x17cm

  • Jägermeister

    Glasses sleeve

    Gift item with the product

    Product description

    Two-sided digital printing inside / outside / 8.5x17cm

  • Museo della Musica

    Glasses sleeve

    Product for sale in the museum store

    Product description

    Two-sided digital printing inside / outside / 8.5x17cm

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