Personalized gifts with sustainable character

We manufacture unique, useful and meaningful products to add value to your company. Customized gifts designed in a conscious and sustainable way entirely in our facilities.

  • We produce with 100% renewable energy thanks to the solar panels in our factory.

  • We eco-design to have the least impact on the planet, from the ideation to the end of the product.

  • We manufacture with GRS certified yarn made from post-consumer rPET bottles.

  • We digitally print with OEKO-TEX certified inks, free of harmful substances.

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It's more than putting a logo on products, it's about designing useful, customizable and consciously manufactured products with character.

  • Origin

    We are three generations creating and making textile products in a local way.

  • Design

    Ecodesign is part of all our processes to create gifts with meaning and character.

  • Sustainability

    We are committed to a responsible and conscious industry in which the way of producing and consuming is sustainable for the environment.

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