Soft sleeves
for watches

Personalized design for Garmin

  • Client

    Garmin is an innovative company that brings GPS navigation and wearable technology to the marine, automotive, aviation, outdoor and fitness industries, reinventing itself towards sustainability.
  • What do they want?

    Garmin needs a zippered case to protect their watches when salespeople visit their customers. A product made according to their values around design, innovation, people and lifestyle, which actually are very similar to ours.

Arpe's proposal to Garmin

From Arpe, we send the catalog and physical samples so that they can find the product that best suits them, knowing that we can custom-make a new one or give different uses to a current one. And that's what we did, find a new use for our "soft sleeves for glasses."
Our soft sleeves
  • Product

    From Garmin, they contacted our Sales and Product Development Department to find the one that best fits their needs: to store and protect their watches. So, they tested with product samples and found a new use for our 7.5x18cm padded universal soft sleeves for glasses. These sleeves are versatile and multi-purpose, very adaptable thanks to their elastic band, and an incorporated double function of cleaning and protecting.
  • Design

    Once the product was chosen, our in-house Graphic Design Department contacted Garmin to create a design that reflected their values and corporate image. Starting from scratch, without any initial ideas from the client, we proposed different applications of their logo and colors. Finally, they chose a very elegant, discreet and beautiful indiana design: a constant repetition of the logo in black and gray.

We are sustainable because...

We eco-design, we look for the most optimal measures for the soft sleeves and cut the fabric accordingly, in order to generate the least amount of waste.

We produce and buy locally, in near-by companies at km0, to promote the local industry.

We manufacture with fabric made with polyester yarn from post-consumer rPET bottles and print with OEKO-TEX certified inks.

We design and manufacture in our factory in Arenys de Munt that runs on solar panels, 100% renewable energy.

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