In love with our tradition.

Proud of manufacture in Barcelona.

We are a local company since our beginnings, decades ago. So everything we can do, we do it in-house. We ideate, design, prototype, weave, laminate, cut, print, sew, manufacture and package in our factory in Arenys de Munt. And what we cannot do, we get it from nearby local manufacturers who share the same values ​​as us. So if you choose Arpe, you are betting on 20 little humans and a strong network of local collaborators.

Perfectly imperfect

We want our products to be intimately connected with the place, the origin and the people behind them. That's why we do things ourselves. We are artisans from head to toe and each product is created with care and love by our team. While one cuts the fabric, the other prints the design and the next sews the edges. A combination of manual and team work that makes each product unique and imperfect, like no other.

  • Being sustainable should not even be questioned. All our products are eco-designed under the circular economy criteria and with 100% renewable energy (in fact, we have just installed solar panels in our factory!). We look for the most optimal sizes and cut the fabric accordingly to generate the least amount of waste. We also make sure that our products are recycled and recyclable, most of them being mono-materials, to make it easier. And we treat our packaging the same way: the less quantity and the more recycled, better.

Our products are made with polyester yarn fabric from post-consumer rPET bottles. Yes, using synthetic and recycled materials is your own decision. As human beings, we are constantly producing and using new resources, creating an incredible amount of waste. Waste that is either incinerated or remains on Earth with us, polluting a lot in both cases. So we have decided not to be part of this. We have decided to use existing waste and give it a second life. How? Plastic bottles are melted down to create a super soft microfiber fabric, also called polyester yarn, which is then woven into large pieces of fabric. Easy.

We measure our
carbon footprint

We want to be better every day, for ourselves and for the planet. That is why we have measured the carbon footprint of our flagship product, the microfiber towel, and of our entire company. In this way, we can first reduce what we emit and then compensate for what we cannot reduce. And after years involved in sustainability, we are very proud of what we have achieved and know that we are on the right way to become a net-zero-emissions company.