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Personalized cushions made with post-consumer rPET yarn, consciously custom-made for your company and marketing campaigns. Available in four different sizes, we vacuum-pack them so they take up less space when transporting.

Tailor-made quotation from 50 units.

100% customized.


Post-consumer rPET suede fabric for digital printing. Recycled microfiber yarn, 100% polyester.

Printing Systems

Digital printing: full color and full surface.

Silk screening: available in 1 or 2 inks - 25x25cm.

Hot stamping: dry stamping - 10x15cm.



Carbon Footprint

Compared to an equivalent cushion, our cushion made from recycled material represents a reduction of:

· 49% of the carbon footprint
· 7% of energy
· 70 % water
80% transport


The cushions are customized for different sectors depending on the size. The smaller ones are very popular among the travel and airlines sector. Square and rectangular cushions are used more in the hospitality sector, as well as as gifts for festivals and events.

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  • DIGITAL PRINTING: post-consumer rPET suede fabric

    Full color / full surface/ 1 or 2 sides

    Composition: 100% Polyester
    Yarn: Microfiber
    Mass per unit area: 200g/m2

  • SILK SCREENING: dyed suede fabric (not recycled)

    Available in 1 or 2 inks / 25x25cm
    Composition: 80% Polyester - 20% Polyamide
    Yarn: Microfiber
    Mass per unit area: 200g/ m2

  • HOT STAMPING: dyed suede fabric (not recycled)

    HOT STAMPING: dyed suede fabric (not recycled)
  • Fabric colors for silk screening and hot stamping

    White suede fabric is recycled.

  • 30 x 20cm

  • 30 x 30cm / 45 x 45cm

  • 50 x 30cm

  • Vacuum packaging

    We supply all cushions vacuum-packed, saving storage and transport space.

  • Labels or Stickers

  • Cosmética Benefit and Grupo Quirón Salud

    Microfiber cushions

    Campaign for benefit and Quirón Group

    Product description

    Digital printing on both sides / 30x30cm / 30x50cm

  • Adidas

    Microfiber cushions

    Adidas point of sale campaign

    Product description

    Two-sided digital printing / 30x30

  • Montreux Jazz Festival

    Microfiber cushions

    Festival VIP room

    Product description

    Printing two-sided digital / 45x45

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