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Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning Cloths

Personalized cleaning cloths made with 70% opticlean post-consumer rPET fabric, ideal to clean and polish all types of lenses and delicate surfaces. A simple product that provides a lot of value for both the company and the customer. A sustainable and durable alternative to promote your brand while gifting utility and innovation.

Tailor-made quotation from 500 units.

100% customized.


Post-consumer rPET opticlean (70% PES + 30% PA) or suede (100% PES) fabric for digital printing.

Dyed opticlean or suede fabric (not recycled) for hot stamping.

Printing Systems

Digital printing: full color and full surface.

Hot stamping: dry stamping - 5x10cm.


Round or Zig zag edge - 10x15cm
Round, Zig zag or Round edge - 15x15cm (15cm diameter)
Zig zag - 15x18cm
Round or Zig zag edge - 16x21cm
Round or Zig zag edge - 18x18cm
Round or Zig zag edge - 30x30cm
Zig zag - 40x40cm

* Suede fabric can only be zig-zag.


Package your cleaning cloths in a G-Bag, a sustainable textile packaging that gives them more value and usefulness.



Cleaning cloths don't have a specific use or sector, since they are customized for all types of companies and occasions. They are multisector and multipurpose. Among these, the sectors that personalize cleaning cloths the most are opticians, museums, technology, as well as the automotive and music/instrumentos sector, that use large cloths for cleaning and polishing.

You can also use the cleaning clohts as business cards for your next fair or clients' visit.

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  • DIGITAL PRINTING: post-consumer rPET opticlean or suede fabric.

    Full color / full surface / 1 or 2 sides

    Composition: opticlean (70% PES + 30% PA) o suede (100% PES)
    Yarn: Microfiber
    Mass per unit area: 230g/m2

  • HOT STAMPING: dyed suede or opticlean fabric (not recycled)

    Dry stamping / 5x10cm
    Composition: opticlean (70% PES + 30% PA) o suede (100% PES)
    Yarn: Microfiber
    Mass per unit area: 230g/m2

  • Fabric colors for hot stamping

    The white opticlean or suede fabric is recycled.

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  • Polybag or PVC case

  • Cardboard + Polybag Sticker

  • Mini Folder

Case Study

Made in Arpe for Alain Afflelou

A unique collection of different models of cleaning cloths and sot sleeves, tailor-made especially for sale in Afflelou stores.

See Case Study
  • Camper

    Microfiber cloths

    "Brochure/cloth" for shoe care

    Product description

    Two-sided digital printing / adapted measures

  • Wilde Sunglasses

    Cleaning cloths and microfiber towels

    Transcend and Reborn Campaign for Wilde Sunglasses

    Product description

    One-sided digital printing cleaning cloths / Two-sided digital printing towel / measures: 15x15cm and 50x95cm

  • Automotive

    Microfiber cloths

    Promotional gifts for cleaning the vehicle

    Product description

    Digital printing / measures: 15x15cm, 16x21cm, 40x40cm

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