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Multipurpose pouches and toiletry bags with zipper, customizable both inside and outside. A super versatile and useful product for your marketing campaigns and promotional gifts. Available in 5 sizes and 3 different fabrics: waterproof, suede or post-consumer rPET padded Slif.

Tailor-made quotation from 100 units.

100% customizable.


Post-consumer rPET slif fabric for digital printing, laminated and quilted. Microfiber yarn 70% recycled, 70% polyester and 30% polyamide.

rPET post-consumer suede fabric for digital printing. Microfiber yarn, 100% polyester.

Dyed suede fabric (not recycled) for hot stamping. Microfiber yarn, 80% polyester and 20% polyamide.

Printing Systems

Digital printing: full color and full surface.

Hot stamping: dry stamping, 10x15cm.

Types & Sizes

Large pouch (padded slif, suede or waterproof) - 18x23cm

Medium pouch (padded slif, suede or waterproof) - 12x23cm

XS pouch or case (padded slif, suede or waterproof) - 8x18cm

Carryall (padded slif or waterproof) - 18x25cm

Mini pouch (padded slif or waterproof) - 12x18cm


Use the pouches as sustainable textile packaging for your products and gifts.



Our pouches don't have a specific use or sector, since they are customized for all types of companies and occasions. They are multisector and multipurpose. Among these, the sectors that customize pouches the most are cosmetics, travel, health, and technology. In addition, the mini pouches have been killing it among museums and opticians: small, attractive and super practical.

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  • Padded slif, suede or waterproof fabric

    ☆ NEW SIZE XS (8 x 18cm)

  • Padded slif, suede or waterproof fabric

  • rPET padded slif

  • rPET suede

  • ☆ NEW Waterproof ☆

  • DIGITAL PRINTING: post-consumer rPET padded slif or suede fabric, or waterproof fabric

    Full color / full surface / 1 or 2 sides / exterior and/or interior printing, with zipper or flap

    Composition: 100% polyester (waterproof and suede) / 70% Polyester + 30% Polyamide (padded slif)
    Yarn: Microfiber
    Mass per unit area: 200g/m2

  • Polybag and Stickers

  • Textile strap

  • Mastercard

    Microfiber towel / Quilted pouch

    Advertising campaign for festivals

    Product description

    Two-sides digital printing / toiletry bag two-sides digital printing, inside and outside with zipper

  • Barebells

    Padded microfiber pouch

    Gift merchandising Barebells energy bars

    Product description

    Two-sides digital printing bag, interior and exterior with zipper

  • Boehringer Ingelheim

    IPF awareness campaign

    Product description

    Pouch one-sided digital printing with zipper

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