• We finish another year having distributed thousands of gifts and customizations around the world. A year of new horizons, new products, new additions, new paths. A year of trial and error and, as always, full of learnings. Thus, here are our best-selling products this 2023.

  • Our microfiber towels lead, once again, the ranking of this year's best sellers. And we know why. First, because of the infinite customization options we offer. Second, for its sustainable and high-quality materials and properties.

    In seven different sizes, they adapt perfectly to all sectors: the smallest ones for sports and food, the medium ones for travel and cosmetics, the large ones for hotels and spa... In addition, with our digital printing process, any design can become a reality.

    But the great value of our towels, without a doubt, is the small environmental impact and the huge savings compared to traditional cotton towels. At Arpe, we have found the best recipe of recycled microfiber to create super absorbent and durable sustainable towels. Towels that emit 76% less CO2 when produced, and require much less energy, soap and water when washing.

    So, as the demand for environmentally friendly products increases, our microfiber towels continue to be a solid choice for companies looking to leave a lasting impression.

    Microfiber towels 
  • Our iconic microfiber cleaning cloths remain firmly in second place. The product "where it all began:" first with our parents in the automotive sector, and then with us patenting the textile information leaflet. A product that has stood the test of time and has proven that quality and reliability are timeless.

    Microfiber cleaning cloths are a simple product, but with so much value for companies. Since the beginning, we have treated them as much more than an ordinary promotional product. But as a way to present to the world, as an innovative marketing tool, and as a sustainable and durable alternative to paper.

    Our microfiber cleaning cloths are a tangible and practical way to promote brands while following sustainable practices and gifting meaning and usefulness.

    Microfiber cleaning cloths 
  • Surprising us all, the newest product in our catalog, the mini pouches, win third position of this years' best sellers! This year, we released two new models of flat toiletry bags and, without a doubt, they are here to stay.

    The toiletries bags are a very versatile, useful and practical product to give as a gift, and We knew it. And we also knew that we needed to make a smaller size, more portable, more everyday. And we did it. Mini toiletry bags have revolutionized our small world of promotional products, especially in certain sectors such as museums and opticians. As an organizer, as a travel essential, as a makeup case, as a purse bag... the possibilities and applications of this product are endless.

    In addition, with the With sustainability at the forefront of our design philosophy, the mini toiletry bags are also made from post-consumer rPET yarn, offering a guilt-free choice for businesses and consumers alike.


In a world that increasingly values ​​sustainability, our three best-selling products of 2023 not only reflect the evolving needs of our customers, but also our dedication to manufacturing and delivering high-quality, environmentally friendly promotional products.

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