Digital transformation and production optimization with Maccion Lean Solution

At Arpe, we always look for ways to innovate and optimize our production processes, as well as to keep up to date with technological advances. Thus, we recently embarked on an exciting digital transformation project with the collaboration of Maccion Lean Solution, a firm specialized in improving operational efficiency through digitalization and the Lean methodology.

  • Project Implementation

    The main objective of the project was to integrate advanced digital tools to optimize production, improve operational efficiency and strengthen our local manufacturing capacity. Through detailed analysis of our processes, Maccion Lean Solution implemented a production management system that allowed us to:

    • Monitor in real time: We can now track each stage of production in real time, allowing us to quickly identify and resolve any issues that arise.

    • Automate processes : Automation technologies were introduced that have significantly reduced production times and minimized human errors.

    • Advanced data analysis : With the use of Big Data and predictive analytics, we have been able to anticipate demands and adjust our production accordingly, improving efficiency and reducing waste.
  • Tangible Results

    The implementation of this digital transformation project has had a significant impact on Arpe, both in production efficiency and operating costs. For example, by eliminating physical paper and not having to write everything down in the registry, we save time.

    For our clients, this digital transformation translates into higher quality promotional textile products, since now we have the verification system before manufacturing. Thus, we can't start sewing until the machine is ready for the product in question. Additionally, our local manufacturing capabilities mean we can offer faster response times and greater flexibility to adapt to each customer's specific needs.

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