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Microfiber Towels

Microfiber Towels

Sustainable microfiber towels made with high quality post-consumer rPET yarn. Our star product is a promotional and practical item, designed and manufactured locally and sustainably. Compact, lightweight and quick-drying, the savings when washing them are exceptional: less energy, less water, less soap, less volume.

Tailor-made quotation from 100 units.

100% customizable.


Post-consumer rPET suede fabric for digital printing. Recycled microfiber yarn, 100% polyester.

Dyed suede fabric (not recycled) for silk screening and/or hot stamping. Microfiber yarn, 80% polyester and 20% polyamide.

Printing Systems

Digital printing: full color and full surface.

Silk screening: available in 1 or 2 inks - 25x25cm.

Hot stamping: dry printing - 10x15cm.


Golf or travel towel - 32x49cm

Cycling towel - 40x75cm

Fitness towel - 50x95cm

Pool towel - 75x126cm

Spa towel - 75x155cm

Beach towel - 90x166cm

Carbon Footprint

Compared to a cotton towel, our microfiber towel represents a reduction of:

· 76% of the carbon footprint
· 58% of energy
· 55% of water
· 40% soap

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Microfiber towels don't have a specific use or sector, since they are customized for all types of companies and occasions. They are multi-sector. Among these, the sectors that customize towels the most are sports, cosmetics, food, festivals, and travel. In addition, we have seven different sizes to adapt to your needs.

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  • DIGITAL PRINTING: post-consumer rPET suede fabric

    Full color / full surface / 1 or 2 sides

    Composition: 100% Polyester
    Yarn: Microfiber
    Mass per unit area : 200g/m2

  • SILK SCREENING: dyed suede fabric (not recycled)

    Available in 1 or 2 inks / 25x25cm
    Composition: 80% Polyester - 20% Polyamide
    Yarn: Microfiber
    Mass per unit area: 200g/ m2

  • HOT STAMPING: dyed suede fabric (not recycled)

    Dry stamping / 10x15cm
    Composition: 80% Polyester - 20% Polyamide
    Yarn: Microfiber
    Mass per unit area: 200g/m2

  • Fabric colors for silk screening and hot stamping

    White suede fabric is recycled.
    • Elastic band or paper badn

    • Groomet & hook or Polybag

    • Stickers

    Case Study

    Made in Arpe for Rulls

    Customization of a microfiber towel for the Rulls hair cosmetics brand, perfect to prevent frizz in curly hair.

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    • Paléo Festival

      Microfiber towel
      Annual collaboration manufacturing the festival towels since 2018

      Product description
      Single-sided digital printing / 75x155cm

    • DiR1

      Microfiber Towel
      Supply of corporate towels for DiR gyms

      Product Description
      Silk screening and hot stamping / 50x95cm

    • Heineken's

      Microfiber towel
      Sold in the Heineken museum store

      Product description
      Two sides digital printing adapted in different designs

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