• Nowadays, how you present yourself to the world and to your customers is very important. The way you express your brand, your corporate image, your style, your tone of voice and your way of being will leave a mark on them in one way or another. And in this market so overloaded with supply, demand and information, being original and authentic is a challenge.
  • An attractive, durable and practical gift: 100% personalized information cloths

    Take advantage of your next fair or meeting to attract the public and promote yourself in a different and striking way.

    At Arpe we design recycled microfiber cleaning cloths according to your corporate image, printed on both sides so that your brand stands out from the competition. Choose the size, color, font, text, photographs and packaging, always with the help of our internal design department.

    Our cleaning cloths 
  • Mini folder

    Local product made with 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard, with the possibility to add your logo and text both inside and outside.
  • Polybag with flap

    Our polybags are now made with 70% recycled plastic and 100% recyclable. At Arpe we are replacing all sizes of polybags with this new composition.
  • Cardboard with polybag

    Made of recycled and recyclable cardboard and plastic, like the previous packagings. You can add a cardboard with personalized text and logo inside a polybag or fold it with the cleaning cloths.
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