Sustainable promotional items for events: Boost your brand with style and sustainability!

In the competitive world of events, standing out from the crowd is essential, and what better way to do so than with unique and sustainable promotional products? At Arpe, we are proud to present our exclusive line of promotional items designed specifically for the event industry. From glasses and screen wipes, eyewear cases, tote bags, microfiber towels to VIP area cushions for festivals and events, we offer high quality, customized solutions made from recycled materials and state-of-the-art digital printing.¡Let us surprise you and discover how our products can help you make a difference in your next event!

Cleaning cloths for glasses and screens: Care for your lenses and screens with style

Our cleaning cloths for glasses and screens are a perfect choice for promoting your brand at events. Made from recycled materials and with a soft texture, these wipes are ideal for cleaning glasses, cell phone screens, tablets and laptops. In addition, thanks to our advanced digital printing technology, we can customize them with your logo or design, guaranteeing an effective and long-lasting promotion.

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Soft Sleeves: Protection and promotion in one product

Arpe soft sleeves are practical, stylish and environmentally friendly. Made from high quality recycled materials, these cases offer optimal protection for your glasses. Whether for giveaways at trade shows, conferences or corporate events, our soft sleeves can be customized with your branding, creating a valuable promotional tool that your customers and attendees will appreciate and use in their day-to-day lives.

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Tote bags: A symbol of sustainability and style

In a world where environmental awareness is increasingly important, our tote bags are an exceptional promotional gift. Made from recycled materials, these bags are reusable, durable and highly functional. With ample space for logos and custom designs, tote bags are ideal for showcasing your brand in a sustainable way and standing out at events, trade shows and conventions.

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Microfiber towels: A touch of luxury and utility

Microfiber towels are essential items at any sporting event, festival or beach. Our towels are made with high quality microfiber and made with recycled fabric, providing exceptional softness and absorbency. In addition, thanks to our digital printing technology, your logo or design will be printed with amazing quality, ensuring maximum exposure of your brand in every use.

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VIP area cushions: Comfort and exclusivity for your guests

At Arpe, we understand the importance of providing a VIP experience at events and festivals. Our VIP area cushions are made from recycled materials and filled with recycled foam, offering exceptional comfort for your most exclusive guests. In addition, the highest quality digital printing ensures that your branding stands out on these custom cushions, creating a sophisticated and memorable ambiance.

We understand the importance of providing the VIP experience at events and festivals.

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When it comes to promotional items for events, Arpe stands out for our dedication to sustainability and quality. Our wide range of products, including glasses and screen wipes, covers, tote bags, microfiber towels and VIP area cushions, are made from recycled materials and offer exceptional digital print quality. From our Barcelona facility, we are ready to help you find the perfect promotional gift for your next event. Contact us today and let us be part of your sustainable promotion strategy!