Travel pack
with textile sleeve and cleaning cloth

Matching set for Ottobock
  • Client

    Ottobock manufactures prosthetic, orthotic and wheelchair components to help people maintain or regain their freedom of movement. A combination of innovation and outstanding technology.
  • What do they want?

    Ottobock wants to give its clients a travel pack with a neck pillow, eye mask and textile sleeve during a business trip.

Arpe's proposal for Ottobock

Ottobock has a very clear idea from the beginning, so at Arpe we help in the process of product selection and designs. Playing with different compositions, quantities and colors, they finally opted for a travel pack of a neck pillow, eye mask, textile sleeve and a complementary cleaning cloth.
Our Travel Pack
  • Textile sleeve

    Our Iberostar Case Study bears fruit! At Ottobock they see the textile sleeve that we custom-made for them and decide to pack their travel pack the same way. A sustainable, reusable, recycled and recyclable textile packaging.
    Case Study Iberostar 
  • Products & designs

    Finally, Ottobock opts for a matching set of neck pillow, eye mask, textile sleeve and cleaning cloth, manufacturing more quantities of the latter for future events. All designs with their logo and slogan in white on Pantone 534C.

We are sustainable because...

We create our textile sleeves from left over fabrics from the cutting process of other products, promoting circular economy.

We eco-design and produce locally, thinking about the most optimal sizes and processes, to have the least impact on the planet .

We manufacture with fabric made with polyester yarn from post-consumer rPET bottles.

We design and manufacture in our factory in Arenys de Munt that runs on solar panels, 100% renewable energy.

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