Reusable mesh bags for bulk

Zero Waste Bag for Ametller Origen

  • Client

    With agricultural experience since 1830, Ametller Origen now has 111 stores all over Catalonia, integrating agricultural production, processing and marketing to improve people's nutrition and health.

  • What do they want?

    Ametller Origen presents us with a model of reusable mesh bags for bulk with Asian production, which now wants to produce locally with specific fabrics, components and Pantone. The product is made up of four elements: the mesh, the cord, the label and the packaging.

Arpe's proposal for Ametller

Arpe offers a locally produced, recycled and recyclable monomaterial mesh bag. All the elements are manufactured in local companies (km0) and, in addition, they are made of the same rPET post-consumer material, so they can be recycled all together at the end of their use.

Our Zero Waste Bags
  • Mesh

    We defined the weaving and binding of the mesh looking for the best locally produced alternative. This way, we presented Ametller Origen three different binding samples, all made of fabric manufactured with polyester yarn from post-consumer rPET bottles. Once chosen, we took the meshes to dye in PANTONE 155C. 

  • Cord

    We contacted a local supplier who also aligns with our values and works with post-consumer rPET materials. Thus, we presented Ametller Origen a couple of samples of custom-made cords. In this case, we first dye the yarn in PANTONE 752C and we then braid the cord.

  • Label

    Labels are a very important element because they dress and complement the product, as well as provide an extra quality and value to the brand. Thus, from Arpe we offer a different label, woven in high definition and illustrating the brand, the materials and the origin.

  • Packaging

    For the new packaging design, we went to a second-generation family-owned printing company, with who we have been working since our beginnings. In addition, we replaced the small plastic thread that closed the cardboard with a gluing process that does not generate waste or extra materials, maintaining all the sustainability values of the bag.

We are sustainable because ...

We look for the most optimal sizes for the bags and cut the fabric accordingly, in order to generate the least amount of waste.

All the elements that make up the bag come from local companies, from km0.

We manufacture with fabric made with polyester yarn from post-consumer rPET bottles.

They are single-material bags, so they can all be recycled together when they can no longer be used.

We design and manufacture in our factory in Arenys de Munt that works with solar panels, 100% renewable energy.

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