Informative leaflet
on a cleaning cloth

Reinventing the classic paper leaflet or flyer

  • Client

    Camper is a family shoe brand founded in Mallorca in 1975, committed to creating products ahead of their time with unique and original designs.

  • What do they want?

    Camper changed its paper brochures to ones printed in cotton. And, although the idea was brilliant, the material wasn't giving good results.

Arpe's proposal for Camper

Microfiber cleaning cloths were the origin of Arpe, but the textile information leaflet was the new beginning. More than 20 years ago we saw the great potential of this product and patented it. A soft and durable material that does not slip, perfect for cleaning and polishing delicate surfaces. And that's what we propose to Camper.

Our microfiber cleaning cloths
  • Materials

    Camper found us in its search for a quality material for its new cleaning cloths. Microfiber was not well known back then, but we already knew its great advantages: it cleaned and polished more, did not pollute the environment and could be washed more often. Thus, Camper decided to manufacture its new informative leaflets in microfiber.

  • Design & color

    As we have said, changing from cotton to microfiber was a huge leap at that time. Thus, we proposed dyeing the entire fabric in a beige color reminiscent of cotton. And adding the design with the information afterwards, in single-sided digital printing.

  • Folding & packaging

    We worked very closely on the folding and packaging aspects, as we wanted it to look like a "typical and real" information leaflet that unfolded little by little. Finally, we packed the cleaning cloths individually in a custom-made polybag

We are sustainable because...

We eco-design, we look for the most optimal sizes for the products and cut the fabric accordingly, in order to generate the least amount of waste.

We produce and buy locally, in nearby companies, km0, to promote local industry.

We manufacture with fabric made with polyester yarn from post-consumer rPET bottles and we print with OEKO-TEX certified inks.

We design and manufacture in our factory in Arenys de Munt ran by solar panels, 100% renewable energy.

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