• We start this new year with a revolutionary product that is, for sure, the future. Or at least it should be. Our Zero Waste Bags are the indisputable alternative to plastic bags or any bag that is residual and temporary. Single use items are no longer an option.

    Think about it. What is the point of using new materials, new energies and new products, if we can reuse the previous ones? The planet can no longer sustain our processes and actions, so it is time to give back a little of what we have taken from it.

  • To buy, to store, to travel, to wrap, to give away, to anything... use and reuse your own bag, and the same bag! What if these reusable bags have already been reused? 360 sustainability and circularity are the way to go!

    Our Zero Waste Bags are created with a fabric made of polyester yarn from post-consumer rPET bottles. In other words, our Zero Waste Bags are equivalent to hundreds of recycled plastic bottles. These are melted down and reduced to create microfiber, also called polyester yarn, ready to be used again. And how do we use it? These super thin yarns are woven into large pieces of fabric that become a blank canvas full of new possibilities. One of them: our Zero Waste Bags.

  • Our Zero Waste Bags come with a printable fabric where you can write and illustrate whatever you want. Recipes, instructions, slogans, logos, new campaigns... these bags become an extra marketing resource for your brand, adding a lot of value and personality, never forgetting about that 360 sustainability we talked about. Because we manufacture with recycled fabric, and we also print with OEKO-TEX certified inks. If we do it, we do it well.

    The Zero Waste Bags are multipurpose and versatile, designed for any time and occasion. They're also strong and lightweight, making them the perfect alternative to reduce single-use plastics and showcase the best version of your brand. Being sustainable doesn't mean sacrificing design, quality or brand awareness. In fact, it improves and impacts our beloved planet and all its people in a positive way. What more do you need?

    See Zero Waste Bags 
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