• Our Co-founder and Creative Director Montse Pera participated on May 4 in a table of experiences within the IMPULSA program, to explain her knowledge as a businesswoman.
  • This program offers a place of reflection, development and learning for professional women and entrepreneurs in the territory. A site to discuss business growth strategies with people who have experienced it from the inside.

Montse shared the table of experiences with the inspiring Cristina Gutiérrez, Emotional Educator and CEO of La Granja, Ability Training Center. Reflecting on coincidences, emotional well-being, persistence, learning, struggles, limits...

Here are two great pieces of advice from the two business women:

"Give yourself three years before giving up. During these years, get fully immersed, observe a lot. What you learn these years will be of much help, even if you don't see it in the beginning."

"Collaborate, which is the same as adding. Collaborating means that you know your limits, how far you can go. Find someone with other knowledge to go further."

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