• For many years now, the PSI trade fair in Düsseldorf has been the central meeting point for the European promotional products industry. A place where promotional products retailers, textile companies and agencies meet with suppliers and importers to create future relationships. And we could not miss this meeting.
  • 11 years ago we attended the PSI trade fair for the first time. And since 2012 we have not missed any. Well, not wanting to! The two years of pandemic took away our precious fair days. And this year, finally, we have returned to the PSI fair!

    The most beautiful and rewarding thing of all is to look back and see how and how much we have evolved. Knowing that a small town family business remains strong and enthusiastic, year after year. And that always, from the beginning, we have been faithful to who we are and what we do. Trusting in a material and a unique product with a long history.

  • PSI 2012

  • PSI 2013

  • PSI 2014

  • PSI 2015

  • PSI 2016

  • PSI 2017

  • PSI 2018

  • PSI 2019

  • PSI 2020

This year 2023 we have been more enthusiastic and eager than ever!

Having direct contact with customers, telling our story and being listened to, showing new products, discovering what attracts more and less people's attention...

Thus, the star products these days have been our textile packaging: our padded pouches and mesh bags. Some very useful products since they replace single-use packaging and, in addition, they can be reused afterwords. Super valuable promotional gifts... or so we've been told!😜

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