• Arpe concluded the SMART-MASK project after 9 months of development together with CeNTI, creating a fully functional prototype of a smart face mask to combat COVID-19. The project was possible thanks to the financial and technical support of SmartEEs.

    SmartEEs an European acceleration program, co-financed by the European Union's Horizon 2020, which aims to help European companies access new untapped markets and increase the growth of their businesses throughout the integration of flexible electronics in its products.

  • The SMART-MASK prototype is a smart hygienic mask, with a resistive thread on the inner layer and custom electrical interconnections to power it on. It uses heat to denature and inactivate viruses in short periods of time by automatically heating the mask.The prototype is made up of 3 parts:

    1. The mask: which is made up of three layers.

    2. The electronic control module.

    3. The mobile application, which displays all the information for the user's interaction with the mask.

The SMARK-MASK opens up new possibilities for Arpe towards end uses of smart textiles and wearables, helping to expand its product portfolio.

SMART-MASK prototypes were tested and validated at the facilities of the CeNTI in Vila Nova de Famalicão (Portugal). The company is now testing the product with its clients and analyzing industrial scaling.

Arpe, as a member of the AEI Tèxtils (the cluster of advanced textile materials in Catalonia), received their support, which was key in the implementation and success of the project.

The cluster, with knowledge of the advanced textile materials sector and with experience in strategic reorientation within this field, will continue to collaborate with the company in future developments of the business plan and product scaling.

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